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Second Hand Equipment

Online Catalogue |  Second Hand Equipment

Best 2013 Cabo 9.0m complete with bar and lines.

Secondhand with free delivery. This kite has been used twice and is crispy and as new. The only repair is one of the clamps for the one pump rubber hoses had the clip brake and it is now tie wrapped closed and rubber taped to keep it clean and smoothe. It work fine, most other brand tie wrap there connections for one pump. I will get some new clamps and pass on or hopefully will have the new clamps changed out and fitted before its sold.

Best Kiteboarding Profanity Kiteboard 2011

The Profanity wakestyle board uses a unique vertical sandwich wood-polymer core, blending Paulownia wood sections with a PVC foam underlay for the ultimate reinforcement and precise flex placement.

Go Joe Board recovery system replace your kite leash.

A bouyancy aid and Leashless board recovery system.

Best Kahoona 9.5m 2013. Now clearing.

Best Kahoona 9.5m 2013. Now clearing.

Price: 560.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


I have been doing a stock check and found a couple of these Best Kahoona 9.5m from 2013. They are being sold complete with 45cm kite control bar with kite lines, safety leash, etc. No pump. These kites are great in 2015 this will cost you £1300. With no real changes to the already proven Delta design these last clearance kites represent amazing value.
Call the shop to view, come down and check them out. if you purchase we can pump up on the beach and you can check everything yourself.

Cabrinha Raceboard 183 x 58.5Cabrinha Raceboard 183 x 58.5
Fair use of board. Some scratches on the nose and underside of board. Nothing deep, although a couple of scratches underneath (about 1.5" long) have taken the surface paint off, but not deeper. Fins are in good condition.

Cabrinha write up on the board:

Evidence of the incredible versatility of our sport is seen in the popularity rise in Course Racing. With Bruno Sroka's 2009 world title in course racing, we hit the ground running in 2011 with a fully dedicated course race board.

The 2011 Race comes in two sizes to suit your size and wind conditions. We spare nothing when it comes to construction material and quality. We know that the difference between the podium and the rest of the fleet is sometimes measured in fractions of a second.

Cutting edge custom design from Alex Aguera
Single shot SuperLite EPS foam core
EPS, PVC, Epoxy - with traditional materials - glass, wood, for high performance
ProLite graphic skin
Multiple strap inserts
4 fin setup
Indexed EVA pad

Hit more info for full size photos.

Price: 350.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue |  Second Hand Equipment